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What services does Luna Travel provide 
Luna travel provides you all travel related services, package tours, hotel accommodations, flight/train tickets, private car/limo/bus services, English/Spanish/Germany/Italian guide services, meals or cuisine pre-booking and so onĄ­
How do I contact Luna Travel  And when can I expect reply   
You may contact us by email or fax. Our replies will be within 24hrs, or if we can not get the answers within 24hrs, we will send you our suggestions.
What I should prepare if I choose Luna Travel 

First you need to have a valid passport and valid visa at origin or home country. Then you need to have the international flight tickets, as all the trips provided by Luna Travel are not inclusive of international fight tickets.
What can I expect from Luna Travel, once I confirm the trip or services 
Once you confirmed the trip or services with Luna Travel, you will have a confirmation and an invoice. The confirmation will tell what services you reserve with their details, such as hotel phone numbers and address, and emergency contacts. The invoice will tell the total amount you should pay, payment measures and due date.
How early should I make the reservation and decide for my trip to China 
Usually high season for China trip will be last two weeks of March, April, May, the beginning two weeks of June, September, October, and November. So we would like to suggest to make reservation 3 months at least before you trip commence. But for some big events, like Grand Prix Formula One, you should make reservation as early as possible, like 6 months before.
What services can I expect in my trip to China with Luna Travel 
You will have all English services for transfers or sightseeing, our English guides are professional and licensed. You will have private car/min van with driver if you take private services, all car/min van/bus are air-conditioned and new. You will have Chinese meals (a bit western oriented) if meals inclusive. You will have qualified hotels which were selected by Luna Travel, and they provide international standard services, rooms, food, and other services, and even better hotels you will ever have in Asia with same level.
How will I be picked up at the airport, train station 

For airport, our representative will meet you at the end of terminal in the airport with your pick-up name shown the sign.
For train station, our representative will meet you at the plat form where your train stops.
Is that safe if I walk on the streets 
Yes, it is safe if you walk on the streets in China. However there are always some incidentals we can not expect. We suggest you put your passports and valuables in hotel safe, just taking some pocket money.
How do I use my money 
If you have your home currency, you need to change them into RMB (Chinese money name, it means Ren Ming Bi). Most shops and restaurants in China only accept RMB in cash, no traveler's check and no credit card. But all the hotels (4-star above) accept credit cards, and some international shops as well, like Starbucks.
What do hotels in China look like 
All the Chinese hotels (4-star and 5-star) in major cities are international standard, which can match any hotel in London, New York or Paris.
What about gratuity (tips) for guides and drivers 
All the prices from Luna Travel are not inclusive of gratuity (tips) for guides and drivers. It is at your discretion for this, and it also your best way for commenting the services.

If you still have some other questions, please feel free to contact us: info@luna-ts.com