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Individual Tours / Flight & Train Booking
Flight Tickets
Luna Travel can provide all international and domestic (inside China) flight tickets reservations. All major international destination tickets will be available for you, just inquire our consultants for details. Inside China, anywhere, any city, we can make reservation and deliver the tickets to your hands or designated place (charges may vary, please inquire our consultants). If you have any inquiry, please contact us info@luna-ts.com
Train Tickets
In China train tickets can not be reserved, while you need to make a firm reservation and buy the train tickets immediately. Normally the long distance train will be overnight, for example Shanghai to Beijing start at evening and arrival next morning about 12 hours' trip,and you will have "Soft Sleep Berth", sharing with four people in a compartment, and air-conditioned. For short distance, you will have "Soft Seats" train for your trip which is air-conditioned. Once buying the tickets, you can not make any modification or cancellation; otherwise there will be penalty or even 100% charge for the tickets.

After you buying tickets or other services, we may provide you delivery services for tickets or other necessary documents, charges may vary please inquire our consultants. Please contact us for details: info@luna-ts.com